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The joy of killing

This article was published in my previous weblog in 05 October 2011 and is moved now to this weblog:




On a Wednesday morning (21.09.2011) when it was still dark, 15000 of us civilized and educated Iranians with their B.S., M.S. and Ph.D. degrees gathered in Golshahr district in Karaj to watch public execution of a 17 years old young boy who had killed Iran's famous power lifter and strongman Rouhollah Dadashi. 


It may seem horrible for you foppish Europeans and you may call it barbaric but for us Iranians, apart from doing justice, it’s a big joy and excitement to watch hanging a man specially when he has killed a worldwide well-known champion. It’s a good fun, isn’t it? 


And what a great feeling is revenge! A delightful feeling you’ll never understand. Killing a man who killed our lovely hero. From now on nobody can dare stab someone else on the street but I don't know why it all happens again and again. 


Anyway, you always accuse our government of breaching human rights by publicly executing criminals but as you see our people like it too and I don’t know why you are trying to deprive us of such a unique opportunity for having a good fun. 


They say in the hanging show some people started to whistle, shout and even curse the boy when he was taken out of the police van and was brought under the gallows. Wow, what an atmosphere! Crowd shouting in joy and hatred, pointing the thumbs down, monstrous executioner standing there in silence with a black mask on his face and everyone waiting for the last moment. 


Most of them filmed the whole ceremony by their mobile phones to review those enjoyable moments later and also show those others who couldn't get up that early in the morning and missed the live show. There were also more than 20 cameras from media recording these exiting moments of intentionally taking a teenager's life and letting him flap to death.   


You may again say that he was only 17 and too young to be hanged but you are exaggerating about that. We have a high rate of surplus-population in Iran and he was only one of millions. We have many of his type and have had other teenagers executed in the past. I heard that the Norwegian mass killer Anders Behring Breivik who killed 77 people last July will be sentenced only to 21 years in jail which is Norway's maximum punishment. People of Norway don't complain because they believe that he's a patient who must be cured. What a nonsense! They must be really crazy! Only 21 years in prison? And after that he'll befreely walking in the streets again. I think to execute justice about him he should be killed 77 times.


Sometimes academics raise ridiculous arguments claiming that people like this young boy are victims of an ill-managed society or that their primitive rights must be respected or that such punishment is not human or that making people decide about life or death of the criminal is not acceptable or that society and its benefits are more important than individual and his/her suffer. But you know we have our own rules here in Iran and our quickest and easiest solution is killing the killer!  Of course as an advantage for the criminal we ask victim’s immediate relative (father, mother, brother…) to let him die or live. You may again get shocked by interfering emotions in logical laws which are to consider the benefits of the whole society but as cultures differ, rules differ too. I think you still need to know more about 21 century edition of Iran.


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  1. ناشناسOct 7, 2011 09:20 PM
    I'm sorry about that, I'm so sorry about myself for living in country
  2. ناشناسOct 9, 2011 02:41 AM
    Nadir, your Article both it's subject and your writing ability is excellent, but i need to to point that your Article specially in English creates a bad view of Iran in minds and you have introduced sad parts of our culture to foreigners and u have forgot to point that Our law and rules are according to Islam, and in most Islamic nations such executions are normal. also we know that such gatherings are stupid but I'm sure in every where there is always one to attend this kind of gathering and even enjoy it
  3. HojatNov 17, 2011 11:24 AM
    Dear Nader, please don’t worry for European. Because they like to see this kind of show more than of us. European creates Holocaust, and not very long ago they killed each other like barbarian in Yugoslavia. In Iraq, in Aboquraib they create a show and a gallery of photos that you can never found it anywhere else.


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